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13th July 2012

glass2:48pm: 16 icons (Alien & Aliens)
006 | alien (1979)
010 | aliens (1986)
040 | puella magi madoka magica
010 | pokémon
009 | stock
015 | v for vendetta

HERE @ contract.

14th June 2011

anenemyboat9:20pm: Introducing myself
(Warning = lots of I) I was always looking for a community for fans of xenomorphs, and it seems Ive found a good one. I was introduced to the series at the age of 9, and have been a fan of it ever since. I draw laughably bad, but I will try to contribute some art if I can. I read through most of these journals and I can relate to some of you (yes even the thinking they are sexy parts). I did not see past the second movie though, so please do not spoil me.

Sorry for using I alot, enemy boats arent good at typing.

17th January 2010

ssurgul10:50am: Video....?
So, I haven't seen this around anywhere on here, but in case others haven't seen it yet, this is quite wonderful.


(x-posted to my own journal and 'xenofetish')

8th October 2008

bunkey7:42pm: Big Love on HBO
Has anyone here ever watched it?

It stars Harry Dean Staton and Bill Paxton. I have to admit when I watch it I get a child like fangirl squee when they have scenes together (which is often). "ZOMG u were both killed by aliens!!11!!"
I wish I had photoshop skills so I could make a pic of an alien terrorizing the polygamist Juniper Creek compound/


18th September 2008

synunoi12:33am: [why no more xeno posties??]
I'm new to the community, but I found this great xenomorph pumpkin carving on-line that I thought you guys would like :)

Come on peoples, make some posts with some great xenomorph pictures you've got... and if you don't want to make a new post, reply here!!! I want to see some that I *can't* find on google that you think are ultra fantastic ^_^

Sorry for my over-bubbling enthusiasm... I just want some nifty xenomorph pictures :D
For there will never be enough!

Thanks guys, hope you're all well.

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6th January 2008

sturmblut12:27pm: her majesty
I've got a new alien queen poser model.

22nd December 2007

bleed_you_dry8:45pm: Comics
So here are some scanned Images from the Alien comics.
They're not all that great as my scanner is a turd, i would have done more but it was taking forever.
May contain spoilers, so be warned!

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qfemale2:21am: Aliens at different stages.

3 Icon Previews:

( +27 aliens icons this way )

19th October 2007

sturmblut12:39am: 3D Xeno

A Xeno, made with DAZ Studio.

12th October 2007

luthien512891:53pm: Alien worship
There are many gods.

James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, oh yeah James Cameron, the god of fast jets...But in all seriousness the greatest god is the Xenomorph.

So post here if you wanna be part of Alien worship.
Because we all know that Aliens are the fucking greatest.

5th October 2007



{01-36} Battlestar Galactica
{37-38} Tricia Helfer
{39-56} Popular
{57-66} Rome
{67-67} Chris Evans
{68-70} Josh Holloway
{71-74} Ryan Reynolds
{75-97} Alien
{98-103} Alien Resurrection

{104-128} Mulholland Drive


{01-01} Mulholland Drive
{02-04} Harry Potter
{05-08} Battlestar Galactica

Here at my graphic journal art_in_disguise

3rd October 2007

thinlizard8:23pm: AvP: Requiem Trailer (Greenband)
Hey there, i'm new the community so I thought i'd just pop on here and say "hi" and let people know (if they don't already) that the new AvP: Requiem green band trailer can be found HERE. : )

1st September 2007

ssurgul12:04pm: Dunno if you folks have seen this artist or not yet
{Crossposted a few places}

So, I think posting the link to her FA gallery will be appropriate. Curiously, all the pics on her site here are completely SFW, but that doesn't change how wonderfully detailed and delightful they are.

(You'll probably need a FurAffinity account if you don't already have one to see them.)


9th May 2007

zas1:33pm: Can someone get me a screencap?
Pretty please with sugar on top . . . In Aliens when they're in the atmosphere processing station there's that first live women who says something like, "please god kill me." Can someone get me a screencap of her when she's saying that line?

It's funny because growing up we always had all those movies on hand to watch so many times and now they I'm moved out I don't think any of my friends even have any copies, argh!
Current Mood: hopeful

5th April 2007

ssurgul6:46am: Hrm....
I don't know if anyone else has posted this previously or not, but it's worth the repost even if it has been.


Didn't find anything so far that could be construed as NSFW, but naturally some might wonder why you're looking at Giger inspired art on work time, so click with that knowledge.

Oh, and much of the art is just very, very pleasant to look at.

X-posted a couple of places as well.
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29th July 2006

isteillia3:04pm: art?
heh i cant stop...xenos are like pringles ^^


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14th July 2006

isteillia8:35pm: more art!!
Hi thought I'd post more art. ^^

under here.Collapse )

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13th July 2006

synchra8:22pm: Xeno Art Theft
I found this artist on DeviantArt last night:

I almost faved one of the pictures because It was such an awesome piece of Xeno art, but then I looked at the rest of their gallery and realized...the style is not consistent at all. :/

can anyone help me find the originals???

...look here is their actual art: http://www.deviantart.com/view/34855532/

They are apparantly 17 too... they are acting more like 10.

here are the pictures in question:
http://www.deviantart.com/view/36208500/ (this one might actually be theirs.. I have no clue.)
http://www.deviantart.com/view/36216761/ (one I almost faved, and most obvious rip)
http://www.deviantart.com/view/34294955/ (this one is a dinosaur)

some of them even have artists signatures on them.

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2nd June 2006

isteillia11:12am: made a colored pic of mah char and my hubby as a xeno.

Colored in GIMP shop ver2.2

Hope everyone likes.

clicky for xeno squeeages!!Collapse )

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26th May 2006

elvendra10:32pm: UK xeno fans!
Here is one for the UK xeno fans out there... there will be a sci-fi event on 17-18 June at the UK National Space Centre.

More details here.....


and here...


21st May 2006

isteillia11:01pm: FINISHED
took me two weeks and ten hours(in that two weeks lol), but here he is, my lovely lil nidghrth.

*squees and hugs her lil xeno*

cut for image size.Collapse )

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isteillia6:25am: help.
Does anyone have any good pics of aliens from a side view? I have been wanting to practice drawing them, but have had no luck finding good quality full body shots. My husband wants a profile as a tattoo, but he wants me to design it..*sigh*

I'd appreciate it.
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