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Can someone get me a screencap?

Pretty please with sugar on top . . . In Aliens when they're in the atmosphere processing station there's that first live women who says something like, "please god kill me." Can someone get me a screencap of her when she's saying that line?

It's funny because growing up we always had all those movies on hand to watch so many times and now they I'm moved out I don't think any of my friends even have any copies, argh!
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Sure... I need to dig up my dvds but it can be arranged. Give me a day or two. ^_^
Hopefully you haven't gone through the trouble already- I just needed a quick one which someone sent me . . . But thank-you anyway. :D
None that I won't be able to take advantage of myself... maybe an Alien marathon now that I have them close by. XD

(but cerrridwene will probably get you a better quality picture :)

and there is more where that came from:
Ah, that's perfect, thanks! :D
you're welcome!