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Alien worship

There are many gods.

James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, oh yeah James Cameron, the god of fast jets...But in all seriousness the greatest god is the Xenomorph.

So post here if you wanna be part of Alien worship.
Because we all know that Aliens are the fucking greatest.
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Yes, yes and yes.

Deleted comment


it's from Dark Angel, the James Cameron tv show. The first season was great, the second season sucked tits.

*smirks* Worshipping a Xeno isn't exactly my interest in them, but I do love me some alien, so I'm all for it!
Worshiping a Xeno? Nah. Getting plowed from behind by a huge male Xeno? YES PLEASE! I'm all for it, in any case.

But I wouldn't consider copulating with the most high.
On the other hand, being implanted the ''facehugger'' way would be a privelege.
*Shrugs* I'm a Xenophiliac, not really a 'worshiper', but I'm all for any type of Xeno love. Be it spiritual/sexual/devotion, you name it...
abduct my friends for implantation, mail facehuggers to random people, set up my house to be a hive, i dont care. whatever i can do to help the aliens, ill do it