sturmblut (sturmblut) wrote in xenomorphs,

3D Xeno

A Xeno, made with DAZ Studio.
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omg that's amazing.

Suspended comment

can i steal this for my Alien & Predator comm...or would you like to post it there yourself?
You can use it for your homepage. No problem. :)
more an LJ comm...but thanks!
It is very good, but you have a few flaws in the design. first off, the xeno's front claws have six fingers, the two digets in the middle are actually two fingers each, being held together to make it look like it has four fingers. Second, the hind legs are not that human anymore, in fact they are more like a dog's than that. the foot is extended and only the toes and the ball of the foot make contact with the ground, ceiling or wall. even with those flaws, I think it is still the best xenomorph 3D model i have seen, other than the ones in the movies of course.